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Best Trivia Apps for Apple Devices

Some people might think that trivia apps are a waste of time that predates computers and even books. Meanwhile, most of us are sure that some hunter or gatherer probably said in some forgotten language one winter night, “Paint seven antelopes on the cave wall and then die from a festering wound.” They believe this is the answer to what they have heard, “Who is Og?” However, we’re still here in 2010, no cleverer or more advanced than we were then. We bang out our iPhones like chimps trying to get cones from some crazy high school experiment. Also, we’re still obsessed with some trivia stuff.

We can’t seem to stop playing trivia. Thus, it’s necessary to keep it fun. If you notice, some recommended trivia apps for Apple devices are available as paid apps. Suppose you are not willing to spend cash on these trivia apps. You can try to install those apps for free through TweakDoor to enjoy the trivia. Otherwise, you can dig your pocket a bit more since they are pretty affordable. Let’s find out those five best trivia apps for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch below. 

Ben Stein by Griptonite Games

ipad triviaYou can get this trivia app made by Griptonite games for $3.99. Is there anything about Ben Stein that screams accurate but inconsistent facts? Well, it could be either the nasal monotone or the horn-rimmed glasses. Whatever it is, the game is full of Stein’s gaffes or Stein’s sarcasm. You can even show your selfishness and get rid of some of Stein’s hard-earned money (recalling the TV prequel “Win Ben Stein’s Money”). This trivia is significant and well worth the $3.99. Fortunately, this app is also available in the lite version to try for free. Is there a better trivia app than this? Bueller? Bueller?

Trivial Pursuit by Electronic Arts

 If you want to download this app, you have to pay $4.99. The 1980s is when Trivial Pursuit was created (with some irrelevant stories in between). Your elders can give you a lesson in Trivial Pursuit’s irrelevant history, or at least the wedge in the history pie. You can play it in classic mode or Pursuit mode. You can also play with up to four friends via wifi and download new questions for a charge. EA’s formula is typical, such as buying the rights to a classic, giving it a new option, charging premium prices, and doing everything very well. Sony, beware: Jeopardy offers more than three categories per round.

PopQ Trivia by Sina Mobasser

You can buy this PopQ Trivia app for $1.99. It’s all about pop culture trivia. In PopQ’s 15 categories, you’ll find everyone who’s anyone, but also everyone who isn’t. Parents and grandparents, you can play too! Pop is from all eras, and there’s even a “where are they now” category. That’s why you can feel comfortable playing this trivia game. There’s no friend limit, but you can challenge your friends to get to the top of this worldwide

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